The advantages of the Esade Education Fund help you during and after your degree program

Your Advantages


After graduation, you are free and flexible in your career and life decisions. You can pursue a Ph.D., travel the world, take parental leave and/or start your own business. As long as your annual gross income is below EUR 30,000, you do not have to make payments for that year.


The repayments are based on your annual gross income and adjust to it. Those who earn less, pay less. You only repay if your annual gross income is above EUR 30,000. The education fund is also flexible in the funding amount. You decide how much funding you need.


You are financially secure during and after your degree program. You only begin repaying once you earn the appropriate minimum income. Whenever you earn below the minimum income, you do not have to make payments for that year. The risk of a fixed loan payment is excluded by the education fund, because there is no strict payment plan that you have to meet.


The repayments adjust to your financial situation but you will not repay a disproportionate amount of your income. The repayments are capped at a maximum amount, so you will not repay an outrageous amount even if you have an above average increase in your income.


The financing offer of the education fund can be combined with other financing options (e.g. scholarships, stipends). Co-signers and securities are not needed. Your motivation and personality are among the most important criteria. Only you matter!


In addition to the financing, we offer career coaching and mentoring for free. If you are interested, we can help you find appropriate continuing education and professional development opportunities. After graduation, we can help you getting started in your career and help you prepare for salary and raise negotiations.


The financing by Brain Capital marks the quality education and outstanding career options available to you. There is more information here: Cooperation


The income-dependent repayment may include a solidarity contribution that is used to cover any financial hardship you or other students experience. Furthermore, it helps to make funding available for future generations of students. Thus, you are giving back some of what you accomplished with your education.


There is no risk of bankruptcy due to the education fund, even if your career isn't on a straight path or you take time for other adventures (such as parental leave or starting your own business). Financing your education with our education fund does not affect your credit score.


The repayments to the education fund are currently to a certain extend tax-deductible.* In other countries, it might be possible to claim the payments on your taxes as well. This can result in an overall reduced tax burden.

*This information is based on current tax legislation. Liability for changed laws or divergent case law is excluded. Brain Capital provides this for informational purposes only and does not guarantee its correctness.

Your advantages compared to a traditional loan

Education Fund
Depends on your income,
but with a payment cap
Tuition + Interest
GRACE PERIOD: Unlimited Limited
Only after graduation and when earnings exceed minimum income Predetermined, possibly
while you're still studying
No more than 10 payment years Fixed, until full loan is repaid
FLEXIBILITY: The repayments adjust
to your career / life
No flexible repayment possible usually
UNSCHEDULED REPAYMENT: Single lump sum payment allowed Depends on the offer
PREREQUISITES: No co-signers or securities needed financial history and solid credit score, parents as cosigners
CREDIT SCORE: Not affected Often
RISK OF BANKRUPTCY: None (due to the education fund) Yes
Yes No
You support the next generation of students. No
COMBINABILITY: Yes, with scholarships Sometimes possible
TAX ADVANTAGE: Yes, to certain extend Usually only the interest payments

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